Do More 24 Delaware – Show The Community Some Love

Do More 24 Delaware is a 24 hour stretch of online giving that takes place from March 5th at 6pm to March 6th at 6pm. Community members support the causes nearest to their hearts, and nonprofits are incentivized to raise unrestricted dollars.

Delaware is home to hundreds of unique, integral and even lifesaving nonprofits – all of which are impacting Delawareans whether they realize it or not. All of these nonprofits need more individuals—young and seasoned— to support their mission, join their boards, and raise their profile among the community. And yet, when it comes to individual charitable giving, Delaware ranks poorly, 48 out of 50 according to a 2018 study.

That’s why United Way of Delaware (UWDE) and Spur Impact Association (SI) are partnering to broaden the reach and impact of UWDE’s Do More 24 Delaware initiative, a 24-hour statewide day of giving aimed at helping participating nonprofits generate unrestricted operating funds. The online fundraising blitz begins on March 5, 2020 and concludes on March 6, 2020. All nonprofits serving Delaware and their supporters are encouraged to participate in Do More 24 Delaware.

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