United Way of Delaware/Americorps

AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors engaging adults in public service work with a goal of “helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.”

United Way of Delaware focuses on Early Education, College and Career Readiness along with Financial Stability because too many children in Delaware live in poverty, and too many families are living in crisis.

United Way of Delaware is currently hosting Adriana McDonald, and Shuktara Sen from Americorps in Delaware. The pair will work closely with the staff at United Way of Delaware to empower the most vulnerable in communities through out our state while gaining valuable leadership skills and professional experience.

Americorps Spotlight

Photo of Public Allies

Shuktara Sen

I am a trained interior designer and recently worked for the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. I am originally from India, and am a first generation immigrant who has made the USA her home. When the recession of 2008 hit and I lost my clients, I was forced to think of what I wanted to do with my life that would be fulfilling and where I could contribute the maximum of my learnings… I thought service and helping other people. Someone has to do it..why not me?

I am fortunate to have my basic needs met and so I give my time to service. I am hoping to delve into community and youth building. I’d like to put all my skills and learning into something that allows me to utilize myself as a total person.

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