Revive The Village

It is our responsibility to ensure our kids are provided a good, quality education from birth to graduation and beyond regardless of socioeconomics, race, culture, gender or ethnicity. While  United Way of Delaware focuses on the academic needs of all of our children, its African-American community initiative: Revive the Village serves as a convener to specifically address issues and overcome obstacles specific to our young African-American males in the Delaware community.

Call To Action

While on a national level President Obama has mandated the need to establish a “My Brother’s Keeper” Taskforce, as a state, we’re now presented with a wonderful opportunity to further engage our community as one collective force on both a systemic and grassroots level through the ground work established and developing through Revive the Village.

We strongly believe that as a community we are at a critical time in our journey. It is more urgent than ever that we support the efforts of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative and work aggressively and boldly through Revive the Village on a state-level to eradicate the disproportions and inequalities that our young men face academically, by investing our time and resources so that they can thrive successfully in society. This is not about a United Way of Delaware plan; it’s about a community plan that must come together by community volunteers. Community volunteers who serve as bold and courageous leaders.

Five years from now, if we continue to encourage more young African-American males to academically excel, we believe it will lead to success in our three focus areas  Early Education, College and Career Readiness, and Financial Stability. We are committed to working strategically for the greater good of our kids.

We welcome opportunities to engage with others doing similar work throughout the state, the region and on a national level and to lend our experience in the same regard.

Our History

Revive the Village has been focused on building an army of individuals who care and have common aspirations about our youth and the future of our great state since 2011. Since then, United Way of Delaware recognized early on that there was a need for a collective community strategy for our young men of color in the area of education and began shaping our movement to address these very issues in 2013.

Revive the Village identified the enormous educational disproportions that often plague our young men of color preventing them from obtaining an improved quality of life and are currently working throughout the state with community leaders, corporations, community agencies, and members of the community at large to ensure the deliberate academic success of our boys. Initially in 2013, it adopted middle schools throughout the state to partner with community service projects and have advocated in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware on the need for black mentors for our youth.

Revive the Village kicked off 2014 with a more structured and strategic approach to accomplishing its goals. After additional strategic planning, Revive the Village identified four core areas where a holistic and strategic plan of action needed to take place and has since mobilized committees equipped with community members serving as chairs surrounding each area with cross-sector professionals.

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The mission of United Way of Delaware’s Revive the Village is to improve the academic success of young African-American men in Delaware from birth to graduation and beyond by mobilizing the collective power of the Delaware community. This mission is achieved by creating a sense of urgency that the status quo is unacceptable and there is a need to create a united strategy for our children that focuses on change. It will require a “village” to own and be part of this change because the government alone can’t and is not responsible to solve these issues. Revive the Village envisions a Delaware where all young African-American men achieve their greatest human potential in education from birth to graduation and beyond and develop into contributing members of our communities.

United Way of Delaware strives to improve the academic progress of all children in the State of Delaware. Revive the Village has identified four core goals to address the academic disparities within specific communities and works to increase the following:

1. Meeting developmental milestones and entering kindergarten on time, ready to learn academically and interact appropriately with others.

2. Achieving academically in reading on early grade level by third grade.

3. Achieving grade level proficiency, on-time grade promotion and successful middle school transition.

4. Achieving on time high school graduation and readiness to pursue a post secondary education or career pathways to obtain and maintain sustainable employment.

Interested in joining more than 100 core Delaware community members that represent the private, public and non-profit sector? Here are our core committees:

1. Developmental Milestones and Kindergarten Readiness

2. Early Grade-Level Reading

3. On Time Grade Promotion and Middle School Transition

4.  High School Graduation and College/Career Readiness

5. Data Measurements and Outcomes

6. Community Engagement and Advocacy

To join a committee or to be added to our mailing list, please contact Orrin White at  To financially support Revive the Village, use designation code #541.

Stay United With Us