Salem County Connecting Communities

Salem County, New Jersey

Salem, derived from the Hebrew word “Shalom,” meaning “peace,” Salem County is the site of the first permanent English speaking settlement on the Delaware River in 1675. Salem County is rich in history and located in the southwestern part of the state of New Jersey. United Way of Delaware is proud to welcome Salem County to our network – Connecting Communities, Connecting People!

United Way Of Delaware Expands Service To New Jersey

United Way Worldwide (UWW) has authorized the expansion of United Way of Delaware’s (UWDE) service area to include the zip codes of Salem County, NJ.

UWDE’s immediate priorities are to establish transparent working relationships with Salem County partner agencies, analyze and prepare to address social service needs in Salem County, leverage UWDE’s existing business relationships for the benefit of Salem County agencies, and to develop a fundraising campaign early in 2019. All funds raised in Salem County will be invested in Salem County exclusively.

We’re off to a solid start. The UWDE Board of Directors has approved the service area expansion and has established the Salem County Advisory Committee, comprised of Salem County business and civic leaders, to guide the development of the United Way brand in Salem County.

“United Way of Delaware has been serving the people of Delaware for more than 70 years, and we are thrilled to be bringing our same level of service, passion, and heart to the people of Salem County,” said UWDE President and Chief Executive Officer, Michelle A. Taylor.

Serving Salem County

A few weeks ago, UWDE awarded $10,000 to five Salem County organizations as an early investment in the new relationship. The following agencies each received $2,000 as a result of a Request for Proposal that UWDE issued.

  • Appel Farms Arts & amp; Music Center—to purchase Chromebooks with safety cases for coding and robotics workshops.
  •  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem Counties—to provide one-on-one mentorships for
    50 high school and elementary students.
  •  Ranch Hope, Inc.—to create and equip a treatment room to expand its trauma-informed care
  • Salem County Women’s Services—to purchase a food freezer to support its shelter for women and
  • The Arc of Salem County—to support the organization’s Job Preparation and Job Readiness

Our Partner AFL-CIO Raises $20,000 To Feed Families During the Holidays

Thousands of families in and around Delaware go hungry every day, and the holidays are no exception. But thanks to $20,000 raised in a partnership between United Way of Delaware and several AFL-CIO labor unions, including members of the Delaware Building Trade, 500 of those families will at least enjoy a great meal this Christmas.

Make the connection, for more information, contact Debbie Armstrong.
(302) 734-4770 or

    1. What will the presence of United Way of Delaware mean for Salem County donors and the non profit ? United Way of Delaware is well-positioned to serve the Salem County community and donors.
    2. Is United Way of Delaware “taking over” United Way of Salem County? United Way of Delaware has NOT “taken over” the organization  formerly known as United Way of Salem County, nor does United Way of Delaware have any control of or responsibility for any of the assets or liabilities of that organization. United Way of Delaware is expanding its territory to include Salem County and will be reaching out to community basedorganizations, corporations, and individual donors to re-establish good relations in the community. The role of United Way of Delaware in Salem County is to work with the Salem County Advisory Committee to conduct fundraising operations in Salem County and to direct funds to nonprofit agency partners, and donor-designated nonprofits solely in Salem County, and all such donations will remain in Salem County.


  1. What is the effective date for United Way of Delaware to begin its presence in Salem County and United Way Salem County declared no longer a member of United Way Worldwide? United Way of Delaware was licensed by United Way Worldwide on September 19, 2018, to serve/solicit in Salem County, NJ. United Way of Salem County’s membership was terminated at this time.
  2. Why is United Way of Salem County no longer a member? United Way of Salem County no longer meets the requirements for United Way Worldwide membership.
  3. Are you aware of any reasons why one of the New Jersey chapters did not take over United Way of Salem County? United Way service areas are aligned by zip codes, live/work patterns, and organizational capacity, not necessarily state borders. There are significant live/work patterns linking Delaware and Salem County and United Way of Delaware has the capacity and track record to provide appropriate service in Salem County.
  4. How many United Way chapters are there now in New Jersey and the U.S.? Are there United Way chapters elsewhere in the world? The preference is to refer to United Ways as members or affiliates. There are 12 United Ways in New Jersey and 1,122 in the United States. There are nearly 1,800 United Ways in more than 40 countries and territories, including those in the United States.
  5. Will there be a “traditional” donor campaign in Salem County for individuals to contribute to the United Way?  Will there be guarantees that donor-designated funds go to designated non-profits? Yes, United Way of Delaware will manage a 2018-2019 fundraising campaign in Salem County. Yes, all funds raised in Salem County will be distributed to non-profit partners within Salem County. United Way of Delaware has formed a Salem County Advisory Committee to establish a long-term United Way fundraising and allocation strategy for Salem County.
  6. When do you expect to begin meeting with future corporate donors? United Way of Delaware has already reached out to several Salem County businesses, and will continue to do so going forward.
  7. United Way of Salem County had been operating a child day care at the Campbell Center. Is this something that can continue? Please contact the organization formerly known as United Way of Salem County. United Way of Delaware has no role of any kind in the management or operation of the Campbell Center.
  8. What will become of the Salem County United Way’s properties? It is important to recognize that United Way of Delaware assumes no responsibility for any of the liabilities or assets of the former United Way of Salem County. The organization formerly known as United Way of Salem County still owns and operates the properties you mention. Contact Monique Chadband for answers to these questions.
  9. What becomes of the executive director Monique Chadband who headed the now-former United Way of Salem County? Please contact the organization formerly known as United Way of Salem County.
  10. Will the Salem County United Way executive director have any role in the new United Way of Delaware presence in Salem County? No
  11. Is the former United Way of Salem County now required to remove any signage or references to United Way? Are there penalties for using UW logos etc.? Yes, they are required to cease use/remove United Way trademarks. The United Way name and logo are trademarked. The organization formerly known as United Way of Salem County has agreed to cease use of the trademarks.
  12. How much does United Way of Delaware raise and distribute annually in the three counties of Delaware? That number varies year to year, but the most recent campaign was approximately $15 million.
  13. How is that distribution based? On population? Other? United Way of Delaware works closely with its nonprofit community-based partners to drive community impact in three specific areas: reading on grade level by the end of third-grade, college and career readiness, and financial stability and economic empowerment. United Way of Delaware also directs funds to organizations specified by our donors.

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