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Could You Survive

a month in poverty?

Join us for a first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in poverty. The Poverty Simulation is designed to help people in the community begin to understand what it’s like to live in a low-income family trying to survive month-to-month. 


June 21, 2023




Delaware Technical Community College

  • Georgetown Campus
  • Hosted by M&T Bank

In Partnership With


The Poverty Simulation

What would you do if you had to choose paying rent or putting food on your table or covering childcare expenses? Unfortunately thousands of people across our state are forced to make these hard decisions. 

The Poverty Simulation is an immersive experience designed to help people get a glimpse of the realities of living in poverty. During the simulation, participants are confronted with a series of complex challenges that mimic obstacles faced many families in our community.

Our hope is that this simulation wouldn’t be a one-time experience, but that we rethink poverty and work together to make the issues surrounding poverty an ongoing conversation.

Promote Awareness of Poverty

During the simulation, participants role-play a month in poverty and experience the realities of low-income families’ lives.

Increase Understanding

The learning doesn’t stop once the simulation ends. After the simulation, you will have a chance to unpack your learnings and brainstorm community change.

Transform Perspectives

The goal of the simulation is to help people shift the belief that poverty is a personal failure and approach those living in poverty with understanding and empathy.

Inspire & Drive Change

Change doesn’t happen without action. Together, we can help end poverty for our families, friends, and neighbors. Together, we have a better chance at building a more equitable Delaware for all.

Host a simulation


For many in our communities, poverty remains widely unseen and misunderstood. Poverty Simulations bridge the gap between these two worlds to help all Delawareans see, hear, and feel the challenges caused by poverty. Build a culture of empathy and ignite a spirit of action by hosting a simulation at your next company-wide event.

Spark Compassion

Expose team members to the daily challenges faced by families living in poverty. Encouraging them to care about the welfare of others, and fostering a more inclusive, supportive workplace culture.

Ignite Problem-Solving

Challenge your team to work together to navigate the complexities of poverty. By immersing them in real-life scenarios, your people will find new ways to solve actual problems faced by many in our state.

Motivate Change

Maintain your organization’s commitment to community service and involvement, by giving your people a platform to learn, reflect, and make a difference. Follow up with other opportunities for team members to take action.

More than 40 percent of Delaware households
cannot afford their basic needs.

What we do with this knowledge will determine the kind
of Delaware we live in tomorrow.


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