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Salem County


Connected to us by the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Salem County (NJ) is the newest addition to our UWDE family. Like Delaware, Salem County is home to individuals and families who at times, struggle to survive. At United Way of Delaware, our mission is to help make Salem County (NJ) a better place for everyone. To ensure opportunity exists for all people, no matter where they live.

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Michelle Taylor, President & CEO - United Way of Delaware

“United Way of Delaware has been serving the people of Delaware for more than 75 years, and we are thrilled to be bringing our same level of service, passion, and heart to the people of Salem County.”

Michelle A. Taylor

President & CEO, United Way of Delaware


In Salem County (NJ)

Salem County, NJ joined United Way of Delaware’s (UWDE) service area in 2017. Since then, many have joined the fight in Salem County. To drive the mission forward our team is focused on the following four priorities:

  1. Continue to cultivate transparent working relationships with partner agencies
  2. Analyze social services to address local needs
  3. Leverage UWDE’s existing relationships to benefit Salem County agencies
  4. Execute fundraising campaigns exclusively for Salem County.


In 2018, the UWDE Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Salem County Advisory Committee. With the committee in place, Salem County business and civic leaders are guiding the development of the United Way brand where they live. We are grateful for your continued generosity and support. Because of your commitment, more families will get connected to the emergency services they need, more children will develop a life-long love for reading, and more young people will excel in school and at work. 

Michelle Taylor and UWDE Employees posing for a group picture while serving in Salem County (NJ)

If you or someone you know is without food, a place to live, or in need of other essential services, please contact Delaware 211. Our team of caring support specialists are standing by to help.

Dial 2-1-1 from your phone or text your zip code to 898-211 to speak to someone who can help.


See below to learn more about United Way of Delaware’s relationship with Salem County (NJ).

What does the presence of United Way of Delaware mean for Salem County donors and the non profit?

United Way of Delaware is well-positioned to serve the Salem County community and donors.

Did United Way of Delaware “take over” United Way of Salem County?

United Way of Delaware has NOT “taken over” the organization formerly known as United Way of Salem County, nor does United Way of Delaware have any control of or responsibility for any of the assets or liabilities of that organization. United Way of Delaware expanded its territory to include Salem County and continues to build relationships with community based organizations, corporations, and individual donors to help neighbors in the community. The role of United Way of Delaware in Salem County is to work with the Salem County Advisory Committee to conduct fundraising operations in Salem County and to direct funds to nonprofit agency partners, and donor-designated nonprofits solely in Salem County. All of funds raised for Salem County remain in Salem County.

When did United Way of Delaware begin its work in Salem County?

United Way of Delaware was licensed by United Way Worldwide on September 19, 2018, to serve/solicit in Salem County, NJ. United Way of Salem County’s membership was terminated at this time.

Why is United Way of Salem County no longer a member?

United Way of Salem County no longer meets the requirements for United Way Worldwide membership.

Are you aware of any reasons why one of the New Jersey chapters did not take over United Way of Salem County?

United Way service areas are aligned by zip codes, live/work patterns, and organizational capacity, not necessarily state borders. There are significant live/work patterns linking Delaware and Salem County and United Way of Delaware has the capacity and track record to provide appropriate service in Salem County.

Is there a “traditional” donor campaign in Salem County for individuals to contribute to the United Way? Are there guarantees that donor-designated funds go to designated non-profits?

Yes, since 2018, United Way of Delaware has managed a fundraising campaign in Salem County. All funds raised in Salem County will be distributed to non-profit partners within Salem County. These funds will be distributed by the Salem County Advisory Committee, whose main function is to execute long-term United Way fundraising and allocation strategies in Salem County.


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