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Get the latest information and resources on Coronavirus Response in Delaware and New Jersey.

Delaware 211 team member
Delaware 211 team member


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Get the latest information on Delaware and New Jersey's COVID vaccine and reopening plans.

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Learn more about Delaware Does More: COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund.

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Emergency Response Initiative

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented challenge. In Delaware, every sector of society is doing its part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, which causes the illness known as COVID-19.

These necessary actions drive massive changes in daily life, which are especially hard on children in low-income households, the working poor, and seniors, most of whom lack essential resources, on a good day.


At the same time, as Delaware nonprofits race to address the immediate local consequences of the pandemic, they are tapping funds earmarked for other needs, compromising the network’s capacity to address the long-term consequences of the pandemic. The goal of this partnership is to align Delaware’s nonprofit community in a coordinated effort to alleviate the impact of the crisis in Delaware.

We seek to do this by supplementing and supporting efforts of government, school systems and social service agencies, by generating funds and other supports, and by recruiting volunteers to address both the immediate and long-term consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

Strengthening Non-profits

The Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA) is assessing what nonprofit organizations require to respond successfully to community needs as the long-term impact of the pandemic evolves. Armed with the information from DANA’s assessment, the DCF, PD, and UWDE will work together to allocate the charitable dollars to have the greatest impact throughout the state.


Throughout this difficult time, United Way of Delaware, the Delaware Community Foundation, Philanthropy Delaware and the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement will coordinate with each other, and with other nonprofits, businesses, government agencies and individuals to ensure a comprehensive response throughout the state.


Contact Delaware 2-1-1

Whatever your need is, we are here to help. Our team is standing by to assist 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday thru Friday. Connect with us by phone, chat, or text.

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Get the latest information on the State of Delaware and State of New Jersey’s Coronavirus Vaccine Response.



Visit Delaware's Coronavirus website for the most up-to-date information on the vaccine response.

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Visit New Jersey's Coronavirus website for the most up-to-date information on the vaccine response.

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Rapid Response Fund

The Delaware Does More: COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, is an initiative to raise and manage funds to address immediate needs resulting from the crisis. UWDE works with Philanthropy Delaware (PD) to house and manage this fund.

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STRATEGIC Response Fund

Delaware's COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund targets evolving needs of the state’s most impacted communities for the longer-term needs of our community. The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) houses and manages this fund.

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Neighbors Impacted by the Pandemic

Volunteer to help

UWDE coordinates COVID-19-related volunteer activities throughout the state using its 211 platform. Volunteer today to help our neighbors who've been impacted the most by the pandemic.



Below is a snapshot of how United Way of Delaware, Delaware 211, our partners, and the generous donations to our Delaware Does More COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund have helped our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.





DE 2-1-1 Helpline Logo

111,350 Requests

Received by Delaware 211 from March 2020 – September 2021.

COVID Volunteers

450 Volunteers

Registered to help through UVolunteer Portal

UWDE Mobilize Community Icon

76,000 Delawareans

Helped by UWDE and partner agencies

Household Icon

32,000 Households

Helped by UWDE and partner agencies


On the right is the investment breakdown of funds donated to the Delaware Does More COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund as of 06/02/21. Funds were allocated for communities in Delaware and Salem County (NJ) that had the greatest need.   

We want to thank our generous corporate and individual partners, as well as our advisory committee, for making this relief possible.

  • Utilities 10% 10%
  • Food 30% 30%
  • Learning Pods 26% 26%
  • Housing 25% 25%
  • Other 9% 9%


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received during the pandemic. Questions are divided into four categories: General, Delaware 211, Rapid Response Fund & Strategic Response Fund.


How Is the Delaware Nonprofit Community Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis?

The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF), United Way of Delaware,
Philanthropy Delaware (PD) and the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit
Advancement (DANA) are managing a statewide, four-part strategy called the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund aimed at addressing immediate critical needs while also ensuring the ongoing operational capacity of Delaware’s nonprofit community. UWDE operates the Delaware Does More COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund while DCF manages the Strategic Response Fund. Disbursements from each fund are determined by separate governing committees.

What Is the Difference Between the Rapid Response Fund and the Strategic Response Fund?

 UWDE is managing the Delaware Does More COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund
to raise and distribute funds to community-based organizations for the purpose of addressing a wide range of near-term critical service needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis. These include economic assistance, food insecurity, utilities assistance and more. As part of this, UWDE is also managing the Delaware 2-1-1 Helpline to direct callers to resources statewide, and the UVolunteer website to connect volunteers with COVID-19 volunteer opportunities, including virtual volunteer opportunities.

 The Delaware Community Foundation is managing the fourth leg of the response plan, which is the COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund aimed at addressing both immediate needs during the crisis, and the longer term operational and capacity needs of the nonprofit community. The fund is structured to help Delaware serving 501(c)3 organizations address a broad range of community needs. Target applicants are nonprofit organizations with deep roots in the community and a strong track record of serving people who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from the crisis.

UWDE, DCF, PD and DANA are working collaboratively to promote and coordinate their activities for maximum impact.

How Is Government Participating in the Covid-19 Emergency Relief Initiative?

DANA, DCF, PD, and UWDE are collaborating to advocate for government
support of the initiative through new policies and funding for relief and support for nonprofit organizations. Visit DANA’s Website to see the current advocacy efforts and the request to the Governor.

Does UWDE Withhold Any Portion of Donations for Its Own Administrative Costs, or Assess a Fee of Any Kind for Donations to the Fund?

100% of all donations to the Rapid Response Fund go directly to recipient
partners. UWDE does not assess any administrative fee. Donors who contribute by credit card are given the choice of increasing their gift by a marginal amount to cover the credit card processing fee

Delaware 2-1-1

What Is the Role of the Delaware 211 Helpline?

The 211 Helpline is an information and referral service, managed by UWDE
and operating seven days a week, year-round. 211 is always there for
Delawareans in need, but especially so in this crisis situation. In coordination with the state Divisions of Social Service and Public Health, and with UWDE’s partner agencies, 211 is maintaining an up-to-date database of COVID-19 assistance options and is linking callers with these services statewide, in both English and Spanish. 

211 is also partnering with the state Office of Volunteerism, the Delaware
Emergency Management Agency, the Delaware Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and others to coordinate volunteer needs for both organizations and individuals who want to serve.

What Sorts of Questions Can 211 Answer?

Top needs associated with people out-of-work and calling for crisis
resources, food, housing and utilities. There are funds available in the community at the moment for utilities assuming callers meet the criteria. Top needs also surfaced regarding concerns around “new” out-of-work individuals and their ability to easily access state resources and other supports. 211 is also referring callers to the full range of available public and private assistance programs. 211 can also connect those that want to volunteer with UWDE’s team leading the UVolunteer efforts. It can also connect organizations with volunteer needs to potential volunteers.

Rapid Response Fund

How Is UWDE Managing the Rapid Response Fund?

UWDE is distributing 100% of the funds over time to partner agencies across
the state. These partners are addressing critical, on-the-ground needs each day. Funding decisions are made by a committee that includes representatives from Delmarva Power, Chesapeake Utilities, DuPont, Highmark and Santora CPA Group. The committee is flexible and responsive and makes funding decisions based on evolving needs.

How Much Is Available in the Rapid Response Fund?

Fundraising efforts are ongoing. As pledges convert to cash, we regularly
disburse cash to partners on a rolling basis. It is important to note that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to the recipient organizations.

Which Organizations Will Receive Funding From the Delaware Does More Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund?

Initial disbursements have been made to the following partners. Future
disbursements may include these and/or other partners, as needs evolve.

1. The Food Bank of Delaware (Statewide)
2. West End Neighborhood House (Wilmington)
3. Latin American Community Center (Wilmington)
4. Cheer Activity Center (Georgetown)
5. Modern Maturity Center (Dover)
6. Wilmington Senior Center (Wilmington)
7. First State Community Action Agency (Georgetown)
8. Catholic Charities (Wilmington)
9. Jewish Family Services (Wilmington)

How Will the Rapid Response Fund Evolve to Meet Changing Needs Over Time?

We expect the Rapid Response Fund will remain a nimble, agile partner in
the long-term effort to help Delawareans recover from the impact of the COVID19 crisis. As well, UWDE, DCF, DANA and PD are working closely to monitor the situation as it evolves. DCF is also managing the Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund.

strategic Response Fund

How Is DCF Managing the Strategic Response Fund?

Delaware nonprofits affected by COVID-19 are invited to apply for grants
from the Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund, housed at the Delaware Community Foundation and directed by a council of Delaware’s philanthropic leaders. The application is now open at Applications will be accepted weekly on a rolling basis and grants will be awarded weekly for as long as funding is available and community needs exist related to COVID-19. Each week, applications received by noon on Monday will be reviewed, grantees will be selected Friday morning, and funds will be transferred Friday afternoon.

What Is the Focus of the Strategic Response Fund?

Grants from the Strategic Response Fund will initially focus on urgent needs
related to COVID-19, then expand over time to more structural and long-term
needs in three funding areas:

1. Front-Line Grants fund nonprofits encountering increased demand for
services due to COVID-19. This includes services to people who are
financially vulnerable, homeless and facing health challenges.
2. Service-Challenged Grants fund nonprofits that need assistance modifying
their service delivery models extremely rapidly due to COVID-19.
3. Collateral Damage Grants fund nonprofits facing extreme difficulty because
of lost revenue due to closures, cancellations and other challenges related
to COVID-19.

What Is the Role of the Strategic Response Fund?

The Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund targets emerging and
evolving needs of the state’s most-impacted communities, for the longer term
needs of our community.

Regarding the Covid-19 Strategic Response Fund, What if I Need Help in Estimating Our Future Cash Needs, Completing a Loan or Writing a Grant?

Contact DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement which has
resources and coaches available to provide Covid-19 related support at no cost to nonprofits.


Contact our team at DELAWARE 211 today.