Latino Unidos

The mission of Latinos Unidos is to support initiatives in the Hispanic community with a strategic focus in Education, Income and Health.

In Delaware, the Latino population has grown 50% over the past decade. They make up 8% of the state’s population. But the group faces many challenges. In Delaware,

  • Only 2% of businesses are Hispanic or Latino owned
  • Nearly 45% of Hispanics do not have access to health insurance

1 in 5 students in Delaware’s public school system is Latino, yet

  • Only 31% receive a high school diploma or a GED
  • Only 8%  have a bachelor’s degree
  • Only 3% have graduate or professional degrees

To support the needs of this community, Latinos Unidos is focused on:

Supporting Youth

  •  Increasing activities that engage Latino parents in their children’s education
  • Connecting families to Delaware 2-1-1’s Help Me Grow program for referrals to resources to promote their children’s health, on-time development and school readiness
  • Supporting career exploration and life pathway development, to strengthen youth’s chances for financial stability

Supporting Families

  • Increasing the number of families who have sufficient support to achieve financial independence and stability
  • Helping individuals live healthier lives by increasing and sustaining access to healthcare services for physical, mental and behavioral health needs
  • Creating awareness of existing health and human service resources through Delaware 2-1-1, the statewide information and referral service

Supporting The Community

  • Building a unified network of resources for the Latino and Hispanic community in the state of Delaware
  • Providing workforce and economic development for Hispanic or Latino owned businesses
  • Advocating for linguistic competency of professionals in education, healthcare and financial industries

For more information, contact Latinos Unidos at or call (302) 573-3700.

To financially support Latinos Unidos, use designation code #550.

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