Improving Life For


Join us as we fight for every person in every zip code in Delaware and Salem County (NJ).

Improving Life For

EVERYONE In Delaware & Salem county (NJ)

Join us as we fight for every person in every zip code in Delaware and Salem County (NJ).

opportunity exists for some

but not for all.

The struggle is real. Today, too many people in Delaware and Salem County (NJ) are suffering due to inequity. Ignoring the challenges they face lead to more significant problems that affect us all.

Young Delaware boy frustrated in school

In Delaware, only 19% of third graders from families with low incomes are proficient in reading.

African-American Teen United Way of Delaware

A startling, 28% of Delaware high school graduates enrolling in DE colleges need remedial math and English coursework.

Single Mother Embraces Daughter - United Way of Delaware

Over 150,000 people living in Delaware and Salem County’s Promise Communities are considered low-income.

For over 75 years, we've been helping to make Delaware a better place for all people
Fighting for Equity
Advocating for our Children
Fighting for Racial Justice
Preparing Teens for Careers
Fighting for our Neighbors
Supporting our Seniors
Building a Better Delaware


Building a Better Delaware

At United Way of Delaware, we believe equity is everyone’s responsibility. Since 1946, we’ve partnered with leaders to bring opportunity to every corner of our state. Even though the fight is long from over, we know what’s possible when we all work together. When we LIVE UNITED against inequity, we can drive long-term change faster. So that, over the next 75 years, we can make Delaware and Salem County (NJ) better for everyone.

Join the Fight for

equity, opportunity & change

Together with our partners, we help children become more proficient readers, prepare young people for future career success, and guide adults towards financial stability. These are the building blocks for a better life.



During the 2020-21 school year, nearly 100,000 new books were given to students participating in My Very Own Library to encourage a life-long love for reading.



More than 23,000 Delaware high school students are enrolled in a Career Pathway program to help prepare them for college and future careers.



Since 2011, nearly 20,000 Stand By Me participants in Delaware have reduced their debt by a combined total of over $30 million.


Early Education Success

Early Education Success

Our goal is to ensure all children read on grade level by 3rd grade. That way, they have opportunities to succeed no matter where they live.

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Career & College Success


Our children deserve every chance to be successful. That's why we work with our partners to equip students with the skills they'll need to excel in college and the workforce.

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Financial Empowerment


Communities are safer when people aren't struggling to survive. Our financial empowerment programs focus on helping people take control of their money to achieve their financial goals faster.

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Racial Equity & Social Justice

Racial Equity & Social Justice

Many policies limit opportunities for people of color. At UWDE, we work with organizations to level the playing field in our state while advocating to dismantle harmful policies.

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United Way of Delaware


Stay up-to-date on the good things that are happening in Delaware and Salem County (NJ).

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