In the bustling heart of Delaware, there beats a rhythm of kindness and compassion, orchestrated by none other than the extraordinary volunteers of United Way of Delaware. As we bid farewell to National Volunteer Month, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the stars who illuminate our path with their unwavering dedication.



UWDE Volunteer Spotlight: Tales of Inspiration

Enter some of the heroes of our story: Gabriel Rodriguez, Elizabeth Diaz, Jan Waulder and Tatiana Fair. With their boundless enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, they embody the spirit of giving that defines United Way.

Gabriel, the mural maestro, shares his journey of spreading joy through art, while Elizabeth blazes trails with bilingual Born Learning Trails, fostering engagement and literacy in our communities.


UWDE Volunteers at Albert Jones Elementary School

“I volunteer to give back to my community, make a positive impact, and connect with others while contributing my skills and time to meaningful causes that resonate with me. I volunteered at a United Way of Delaware event at Albert Jones Elementary School, sketching and painting an elementary school mural. Collaborating with other volunteers to brighten the children’s school environment was a rewarding experience. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they admired the artwork made all the hard work feel worthwhile.” Gabriel Rodriguez


UWDE Volunteer Elizabeth Diaz

“What’s so exciting, we built the first Dual Language born learning trail outside of Lewis Dual Language Elementary in Wilmington, Delaware. It is especially important to the Hispanic Community to have these resources available in their language. We worked over 5 years with Lewis Dual Language School to make this park come to life!” – Elizabeth Diaz

Jan Waulder a long time United Way of Delaware super hero shared her thoughts on volunteering.


Jan Waulder with other UWDE volunteers.

I’ve had many opportunities to volunteer with and on behalf of UWDE!  Examples include helping to manage employee giving campaigns and Days of Caring volunteer activities at work, donating books and school supplies for back-to-school drives, and one-off collaborative events such as Stamp Out Hunger food collection drives (a partnership between the Food Bank of Delaware, US Post Office, and UWDE). I often use the UWDE volunteer portal  to spark ideas and/or easily sign up for events. – Jan Waulder

And let’s not forget Tatiana, the vibrant soul behind the Black Student Summit, where dreams are nurtured and leaders are born.


UWDE Volunteer Tatiana Fair with volunteers

“I volunteer with United Way of Delaware because I feel as though it is the best direct outreach to my community, and they have effective projects that uplift the youth. My experience with UWDE has been a 10/10, I have loved every second of volunteering with the organization and they are extremely fun to work with. Volunteering makes me feel like I have purpose and like there’s really a community around me. It makes me feel happy and like a true leader.” -Tatiana Fair

Looking Ahead: Let’s Mix, Mingle, and Volunteer!

But wait, the adventure is far from over! Join us for our upcoming Mix, Mingle, and Volunteer event May 16th from 4:00PM to 6:00PM at The United Way office (625.N Linden St. Wilmington, Delaware 19805) for an invitation to explore the myriad ways you can make a difference with United Way of Delaware! Join us for refreshments! Learn how you can get involved, to have an impact in the lives of children and families. Register today at


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Join Us in Making a Difference. Become a Volunteer

To all our volunteers, past, present, and future: your kindness, your passion, and your unwavering commitment are the cornerstone of our mission. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.

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