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Thousands of families in and around Delaware go hungry every day, and the holidays are no exception. But thanks to $20,000 raised in a partnership between United Way of Delaware and several AFL-CIO labor unions, including members of the Delaware Building Trade, 500 of those families will at least enjoy a great meal this Christmas.

The money raised will provide hams and turkeys as well as gift cards to local supermarkets, ACME and Super G. Several churches, senior centers, and homeless shelters connected AFL-CIO members and UWDE staff with needy families in Delaware and nearby Salem County, New Jersey. “This initiative is significant to labor and to United Way,” said Tim Sheldon, Director, AFL-CIO—Community Services at United Way of Delaware. “And since the construction business has been good this year, labor union workers were adamant in making sure they gave back to the community.”

AFL-CIO unions and UWDE have been partners in holiday community outreach work for 20 years. In that time, union members have donated nearly $250,000 to help thousands of needy families during the holiday months.