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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." ― Winston S. Churchill

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs United Way of Delaware?
A volunteer board of directors comprised of community and business leaders interested in creating solutions to problems in our community.

Are contributions tax-deductible?
Yes, if you itemize. However, please consult with a tax or financial expert regarding any limitations that may apply.

How can I give if my company doesn’t run a workplace campaign?
Please donate online or call 302-573-3700 to make your donation.

Why should I give to United Way of Delaware instead of giving directly to an agency of my choice?
We offer donors the opportunity to maximize their gifts and support the most pressing needs in the community. By giving directly to United Way of Delaware (UWDE), donors are assured their gifts support initiatives and programs focused on Education, College and Career Readiness and Finacial Stability. These donations help UWDE and our partners to address the root causes of the most critical problems facing our communities.

When you contribute through United Way of Delaware you allow smaller, local agencies to benefit from the fundraising connections made by United Way, thus freeing up their staffs to focus on providing services.

Additionally, United Way of Delaware offers donors the opportunity to designate their gifts to agencies of their choosing.

What are the Three Strategic Focus Areas?

1. Foundation for Educational Success

Ensuring that children (birth through age 8) are properly prepared and ready to achieve academic success, and most importantly, are reading at or above grade level by the end of the third grade.

2. Youth Development leading to College and/or Career Readiness.

Helping our youth to acquire and develop positive, personal assets providing them with a successful pathway to college and/or career readiness.

3. Economic Stability and Finacial Empowerment

Providing meaningful short and long-term opportunities for individuals and families to secure economic stability and develop a roadmap for financial empowerment.

I can’t find a designation code for an agency I want to support.
Please check our online listing here or give us a call at 302-573-3700.

I feel that I was coerced into giving to my workplace campaign. What recourse do I have?
United Way of Delaware strongly encourages employers to be sensitive to the highly personal nature of giving. If you or someone you know has been coerced into giving, please contact your campaign coordinator. If you aren’t comfortable doing so, you may contact us directly. We will discreetly return your donation and address your anonymous concern with company leadership.

How can I volunteer with nonprofits that need help?
Your time, energy and expertise is always needed by a local agency! Please visit United Way of Delaware’s volunteer site at www.uwde.org/volunteer to find an opportunity, post a volunteer position or log volunteer hours.

Are United Way-funded agencies permitted to fundraise?
United Way funding supports programs, not agencies – which means donors’ gifts go directly to helping people in need, not to fund capital expenditures. Agencies often fundraise separately to support those projects. (Note that fundraising restrictions may apply to United Way-funded programs. Please contact our Community Impact department for further details).

Does the money I give to United Way of Delaware stay in the community?
Yes, the money raised in Delaware stays in Delaware. United Way of Delaware adheres to a strict administrative ratio of 12.5 percent, which covers fixed costs, such as overhead, staff salaries and fees to United Way Worldwide, our national affiliate.

I work in Delaware, but live in another state. Does my donation get to my community?
Yes, through the donor choice program, you may opt to designate your contribution to your local United Way to benefit your community agencies. For example you work in Delaware, but live in Chester County, Pennsylvania. You may specify that your gift goes to United Way of Chester County.

Who decides which programs receive funding?
People like you, right here in Delaware! Experienced community volunteers, experts and agency representatives work together to identify community needs, reduce duplication of services and close gaps in services.

How much of each contribution goes to administrative costs?
United Way of Delaware adheres to strict guidelines set by our Board of Directors: Only 12.5 cents of every dollar raised goes towards administrative costs and fundraising expenses. We are proud that we are able to keep our administrative ratio so low, particularly when the nationally accepted maximum limits for overhead costs vary between 40 and 50 percent.

Does United Way Worldwide set the agenda for United Way of Delaware?
While United Way of Delaware benefits from the national agenda adopted by United Way Worldwide, the Board of Directors and leadership team at United Way of Delaware set the agenda, enter into partnerships and make all business and operations decisions for the local, independent organization.

What does the non-discrimination statement mean?
United Way of Delaware requires partner agencies to provide a board-approved, non-discrimination policy that ensures access to services regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, age and sexual orientation. Additionally, United Way of Delaware encourages the “best practices” of comprehensive, non-discrimination at the board, volunteer and staff levels of its partner agencies.

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