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United Way of Delaware’s My Very Own Library will distribute 59,000 books to 5,900 Delaware Students this year alone! The program gives 10 free books to each individual student in participating schools across the state, to encourage children to start their own library at home. Research shows that children who have access to books at home, are much more likely to succeed in life than those who don’t.

United Way of Delaware puts a focus on Early Education success, putting students on a path to College and Career Readiness.

My Very Own Library is dedicated in fond memory to its originator, Mrs. Anne Feeley. 
Anne’s mission was to give kids the powerful gift of new books along with the support  to help them flourish into strong readers. Anne will forever be in our hearts and memories, and her wishes will be carried out, with her family’s support, in all of the ongoing efforts to make My Very Own Library the success she envisioned it to be.