United Way of Delaware Thanks Our Delaware Educators

On behalf of United Way of Delaware, President and CEO Michelle Taylor thanks all of the educators across the state. It has been said that teaching is the profession that inspires all other professions. We know the hard work and energy it takes to shape young minds. In modern times the role of a teacher has expanded beyond the word itself. There aren’t enough synonyms  to attribute to this crucial profession which is the back bone of society.

Here are some interesting facts about teachers!

1. On average, teachers work 10 hours per day and 52 hours per week.

2.  In the United States, surveys reveal that teachers are second only to military personal as the occupation that contributes the most to society’s well being.

3. Teachers make 14% less than people in other professions that require similar levels of education.

4. Since 1950, there has been a 96% increase in students and a 252% increase in teaching staff.[

5. The number of males entering the teaching profession has grown by 26%. The number of women entering teaching has increased at over twice that rate. If the trend continues, researchers conclude that soon 8 out of 10 teachers in America will be female.[

United Way of Delaware’s areas of focus are Early Education, College and Career Readiness, and Financial Stability for families. We are always looking for caring community members to join our mission to empower all Delawareans. Give, advocate, or volunteer today.


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