Educator. Activist. Advocate.

Educator and activist Angela Davis is a scholar and writer who advocates for the oppressed. Influenced by her segregated upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, Davis joined the Black Panthers. 

She has authored several books, including ‘Women, Culture & Politics’ and has worked as a professor who advocates for racial justice, women’s and gender equity, and criminal justice reform.

Join us and United Way of Delaware CEO, Dr. Michelle Taylor, for this once in a lifetime event at the Wilmington Public Library. Listen to Angela as she so graciously shares her amazing experiences and wisdom with the Delaware community.


Event Details

Location: Wilmington Public Library
Address: 10 E. 10th Street Wilmington, DE, 19801
Date: February 10, 2022
Time: 6 pm
Moderator: Dr. Michelle Taylor, United Way of Delaware


Angela Davis @ Wilmington Public Library