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Welcome to the DRJC Quarterly Update

As a racial justice organization, few fights are more important to DRJC than the right and ability to vote. In 1965 Lyndon B Johnson declared, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice.” We couldn’t agree more.

Voting is a right for which countless Americans fought and died over the course of the United States history. In the 18th century colony of

Delaware, suffrage was restricted to only European men with either fifty acres of land or 40 pounds of personal property. Voting rights have since expanded to include all

U.S. citizens, 18 years and older without limits on race, gender, or income. Poll taxes and literacy tests have been abolished and yet the fight against limits to voting rights persists. Voter suppression efforts are attacking the fiber of our democracy.

As barriers to exercising our right to vote continue, especially for the elderly, disabled, and those without the flexibility to visit the polls on Election Day, it is more important than ever to cast our ballots and make our voices heard. We believe that all people who want to vote and are legally eligible should be given the flexibility, space and time to do so.

It is important to reflect on for whom you will vote. Do you know your chosen candidate’s full platform as opposed to a single issue they support or oppose? Do you know all of the candidates in all of the races in your district? No doubt, the research required to learn this information demands time and is completely separate from viewing television campaign ads. However, its worth it. And its been made easier by vote411.

Vote 411 – was created by the League of Women Voters Education Fund. Its an uncomplicated, non-partisan way to learn about the races in your district. Simply click on the url, enter your address and read and digest all of the information available about the candidates and their positions. Create a mock ballot, find your polling place and set up your voting plan for Tuesday (if you haven’t already utilized early voting).

We strongly encourage all citizens to learn more about the candidates in your local district and to exercise your right to vote. I know I will. My name is Raina Allen and I approved this message.


Raina Allen - Director, Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative

Raina Allen
Director, DRJC