When You Reach Out to One, You Impact the Wellbeing of All

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Why Delaware 211 Matters

Over the past decade or so, United Ways across the country have moved from a pass-through model –where their purpose was to raise funds and distribute them to community organizations– to a service model, where local United Ways act as a leader and convener to identify and address critical community issues in addition to serving as a key fund raising organization supporting nonprofit community partner agencies. United Way of Delaware has put in place numerous programs that offer a wide range of services, and over the next few months here in Feel Good Friday, we’ll tell you about many of them. First up is Delaware 211, our free, confidential helpline that connects Delawareans in crisis — from needing food or utility help to finding housing, medical services, child care and more — to the community organizations that can help them.

Before I say any more, I ask you to take a minute and listen to this account from Jennifer Fromme, manager of 211.

Last year, Delaware 211 representatives answered more than 65,000 calls from people seeking assistance and who didn’t know where to turn. That number is just an indication of the hard times our neighbors are enduring. Can you imagine the fear, frustration and distress that prompted those people to reach out for help. We are proud that we are on the line to listen and help.

Our community partner agencies are grateful to 211, as well. Listen to Major Timothy Sheehan of the Salvation Army of Delaware.

For more information about 211, or to make a donation to support these important services, visit Delaware 211.org

Raina Allen - Director, Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative

Michelle A. Taylor, Ed.D.
President and CEO, United Way of Delaware