“The only certain thing in life is uncertainty itself.” – Oscar Wilde

Why Delaware 211 Matters

Last week in this newsletter, we looked at Delaware 211, a free, confidential helpline that connects Delawareans in crisis to organizations that can help them.

Delaware 211 is more than a help line, however. It is arguably the most robust source of statewide information on community resources and services that exists anywhere. It is useful for those of us not in crisis, but who are searching for information and contacts, as well.

For example, if you need information on childcare, afterschool and summer programs, you can call 211 or search the online database on the website, 211.org.

Need help figuring out which state agency provides the services you need? Ask us! Looking for advice on employment law? We can connect you to an expert.

An important reason to be familiar with 211 is this: You never know when or how your personal circumstances might change. You or a loved one might suddenly face a mental health challenge… a relative might need eldercare services… you might need advice on raising a newborn … We all know life is unpredictable, and 211 is here for all of us at any time.

Last week, I asked you to stop and consider how dire the situation must be to prompt a proud, hard-working adult to make a call for help. If you did have a moment to consider how people in that position must feel, I expect you felt empathy and gratitude that you’re not there.

But we at United Way offer you an opportunity to go beyond empathy by participating in a simulated experience that puts you into the middle of a crisis situation and asks you what you would do — our Poverty Simulation experience.

Why would you devote two hours of your life to walking in another’s shoes? If we truly desire to live united… to do all we can to help each of our neighbors reach their potential and live healthy, productive lives… to lift up one and thereby lift us all… we need to truly understand the day-to-day challenges of those who struggle most. And the Poverty Simulation brings that home in a way you may never forget.

I invite you to learn more about the Poverty Simulation by checking out the articles and videos below. I also invite you to host a Poverty Simulation at your church, community organization, school or business, and help us spread awareness of this powerful experience. To discuss this further, please reach out to Deborah Reeves | Senior Director, Community Engagement and Partnerships at 302-530-1339 or dreeves@uwde.org

Raina Allen - Director, Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative

Michelle A. Taylor, Ed.D.
President and CEO, United Way of Delaware