Brian Nourie, new Board Chair for UWDE, Rick Deadwyler, Outgoing Board Chair, and Michelle A. Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer of UWDE



United Way of Delaware is excited to introduce Brian Nourie, who was confirmed as Chair for UWDE’s Board of Directors at the Annual Celebration on June 6, 2024. Brian brings an impressive background in community-focused leadership, a testament to his dedication and commitment. He is ready to start leading with passion and purpose, and we are confident in his ability to guide us forward.

A Delaware Native with a Heart for Community

Born and raised in Delaware, Brian’s commitment to his home state runs deep. He and his wife, Cory, both Delaware natives, met in high school and have since built a life together rooted in community involvement. Their daughter Adelaide graduated from Wilmington Friends School and now attends Ithaca College, and their son Ben recently graduated from Cab Calloway School of the Arts and will be attending the Manhattan School of Music. Their family is actively engaged in the theatre and music community.

Professional Background

Brian brings a wealth of experience from his work with M&T Bank, where he was recently named Interim Chief Marketing Officer; he’s been with M&T Bank since 2013. His work spans 27 regions, giving him a broad perspective and the ability to implement successful strategies locally in Delaware. Brian’s approach emphasizes synergy, allowing him to create impactful results. He makes sure that the work he chooses to do for the community aligns with his family and career.

Looking Forward: Brian’s Vision for UWDE

As he steps into the role of Board Chair, Brian is eager to build on the foundation laid by his predecessors. He seeks to understand and address the organization’s and community’s most pressing needs. He will focus on creating opportunities, listening closely, and connecting with the community to fill gaps and drive progress.

“We have a North Star with the Live United 2027 plan, and I intend to help us reach our targets by listening, connecting, and being there for the entire organization,” says Brian. “It’s about creating value in the system and ensuring we significantly impact Delawareans.”

A Message to Rick Deadwyler and Past Board Chairs

Brian expresses his deep respect and admiration for Rick Deadwyler and the past board chairs who have guided UWDE. “Watching Rick over the past three years has shown me what strong leadership looks like. I wish him the best, and I know we will stay close. I believe this work is beyond anyone, and I hope to do it justice by continuing the legacy of strong leaders who have helped take the organization forward for our communities in Delaware. I will honor this legacy by making UWDE even better and preparing it for the next generation of leaders.”

Join us in welcoming Brian Nourie as our new Board Chair. Together, let’s continue to make Delaware and Salem County, NJ, a better place for all.