Inclusivity & Opportunity For the LGBTQUIA+ Community in Delaware

PRIDE Month provides a platform for celebrating visibility and acceptance. PRIDE is also about uniting as a community to help create a unique, diverse, and inclusive culture. As we celebrate PRIDE Month 2023, we wanted to share a video featuring our very own Chief Operating Officer, Dan Cruce, and his spouse Bart Dryden. 

In the video courtesy of Delaware Prosperity Partnership, Dan shares how he fell in love with Delaware over 20 years ago because it’s a warm, welcoming, and “very inclusive” place to live and be a significant part of the business community.

Dan explains, “Those of us that are in the community are incredibly comfortable, and it’s a wonderful place to build businesses. Small businesses are the bedrock of our state, and our community has a chance to be a part of the economy and strengthen our state.”

We want to thank Dan for his incredible leadership at United Way of Delaware and in the greater Delaware and LGBTQUIA+ communities.

Other UWDE PRIDE Initiatives

For Students and Advisors

The 11th Anti-Bullying Summit is a half-day gathering to connect and uplift members of Gender Sexuality Alliances, their advisors, and allies that support them as they fight for equity and justice. The event is to fight against bullying and discrimination to bring all students together.
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PRIDE Council

The PRIDE Council’s focus is to organize community resources including corporate, education, health, government and religious organizations to improve the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Questioning LGBTQ youth and adults in Delaware.

What Fuels Us
We believe that equity and allies matter for our LGBTQ+ community. We believe in the shared mission to improve the lives of all Delawareans who identify as LGBTQ+.

How We Impact
United Way of Delaware is the backbone for a safe space for LGBTQ+ leaders to convene, ideate, collaborate, plan, and drive impact for our community.

What We Offer
The PRIDE Council’s supports LGBTQ+ organizations in their work to make Delaware a better place for LGBTQ+ individuals to live, work, and play

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More Ways to Be An Ally

Interested in other ways to support LGBTQIA+ community? Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Educate yourself and others.
  • Volunteer locally to help create safe spaces.
  • Oppose anit-LGBT legislation.
  • Foster a gender-neutral environment
  • Offer financial support.


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